Selçuklu Holding

HR Policy


Hr Policy

"Selçuklu Holding is aware that creating opportunities for and providing support to its people is the key to realizing its vision."

The key objective of Selçuklu Holding’s HR policy is to choose the right person for the right position, to maintain their continuity in the organization by increasing motivation and loyalty and to continually improve individual and corporate performance through quality-improving processes and systems in accordance with the values, vision and strategies of the organization.

Selçuklu Holding, while leading the sector in growth and development, attaches great importance to the following-up and adaptation of all developments in modern human resources practices to our business model.

Selçuklu Holding considers creating environments necessary for its employees to improve themselves and achieve their potentials as its duty by being a trusted community that values its employees as individuals, treats them fairly, shares their achievements. Selçuklu Holding is aware that creating opportunities for its employees and supporting them is the most important key in achieving this vision.

Selçuklu Holding systematically identifies training requirements by taking into account technological developments, competitive conditions its sectors, changes to national and international regulations, socio-economic developments and the personal development of our employees. Our objective is to be an organization that is able to learn while adjusting to advanced business environments in knowledge, skills and behaviors.