Selçuklu Holding

Education,Culture And Sports



Mustafa Öncel Elementary School

Mustafa Öncel Elementary School was built in Ataşehir, Istanbul, and was donated to the Ministry of Education. Its 58 classrooms were opened to service in the 2008 - 2009 academic year, and the school includes science and IT laboratories, a medical room, a parent meeting room, gym, conference room, ballet studio, dining room, folk dances hall, work-art room and a library.


Kamer Öncel Occupational Technical Anatolian High School

Kamer Öncel Vocational & Technical Anatolian High School, that was built in Kartepe-Kocaeli is the first project to be in line with the Occupational Medical High School curriculum. At the school, with 16 classrooms, there are also 7 laboratories also including biology and science laboratories, nursing technical workshop, anesthesia and reanimation technical workshop, anatomy workshop, physical education hall, 2 infirmaries, a library, emergency services, and 5 technical workshops of emergency medicine



‘Mustafa Öncel Culture and Sports Complex’ constructed by Selçuklu Holding in Sancaktepe, Istanbul within the scope of its social responsibility projects, was designed to respond requirements in different functional fields.

The complex, realized to commemorate Selçuklu Holding's founder late Mr. Mustafa Öncel was built by Selin Yapı.

With 13,000 sqm indoor area, Mustafa Öncel Culture and Sports Complex consists of seven main sections. The section allocated as training area includes 7 classrooms, a computer lab and a nursery, as well as the related administrative, social and service areas.

The complex also includes a 400-spectators capacity conference room, a semi-Olympic swimming pool with 200-spectators capacity, a multipurpose gymnasium with 800-spectators capacity, two fitness rooms with 400 sqm total area, 60 cars indoor parking lot with 1600 sqm area as well as a 1800-sqm indoor warehouse and 320-sqm shelter and technical areas.


Cultural Services

Selçuklu Holding published a book named ''Health in the Ottomans'' in 2006, and is the most beautiful example of cultural patronage in our company’s history. The book makes a significant contribution to the research of medical history and brings together between 1500 and 2000 documents such as official records, court provisions, foundation certificate-charters and fatwas.

Selçuklu Holding has always maintained an interest in culture and the arts, especially in music. In 2005, the Holding presented the 4-CD album called "Dünden Bugüne Aleaddin Yavaşça", which came with a book on our cultural and artistic world and succeeded a significant activity on behalf of our national culture. The Holding also presented the work "Türk Musikisinden Seçmeler", which was been recorded under the direction of Nevzat Atlığ.

The Holding supported the Mevlana Symposium held at Selçuk University in 2002 and has sponsored for the publication of the resulting papers.

The Holding sponsored a concert called ''Kuğunun Son Şarkısı", at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall between November 29 and December 1, 1996, in order to commemorate İsmail Dede Efendi. The Holding also supported the publication of the book "Neyin Sırrı Hala Hasret", prepared by Beşir Ayvazoğlu, which was inspired by the concert.

The Holding has made material and moral contributions to the preparation of the "Cultural Atlas of the Turkish World," which is a broad and significant work on the Turkish culture and civilization.

In addition, the Holding incorporates a large library with 18,000 books and an archive consisting of historic photographs and documents of great importance.