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Selçuklu Holding’s HR management undertakes the mission of increasing the quality of business life and raising the labor force’s productivity in order to contribute to the organizational effectiveness. It also maintains its activities in training and development of human resources within a strategic management concept through a proactive approach.

Training activities aim at making positive changes in our employees’ judgments, rational decision-making, behavior and attitudes, habits and understanding in order to ensure they fulfill current and future duties within the Holding and its subsidiaries more effectively.

The training process begins with an orientation program to facilitate the adaptation of newly hired employees to their work, the company and its organizational culture and values. The purpose is to ensure that newly hired employees put faith in Selçuklu Holding and acquire the motivation to work. The learning process continues with improvement activities that lead to outstanding performance and success.

All training activities to contribute employees’ professional development and support their career plans taking into account the requirements of the job and their competencies.

In this process, our employees shall:
1.       Be specialized in their current positions,
2.       Rapidly adapt to changing conditions in their current positions,
3.       Prepare for future responsibilities they may undertake,