Selçuklu Holding

Recruitment Process


The main objective in Selçuklu Holding’s the recruitment process is to choose the right person for the right position and recruit candidates with competencies and qualifications that are required by the position in accordance with our organizational values, vision and strategies.

In line with this objective, Selçuklu Holding’s recruitment process follows these stages.

  • Determining the qualifications and competencies of human resources needed,
  • Determining and planning techniques that will be utilized in the recruitment process,
  • Selçuklu Holding candidate database,
  • Internet database,
  • Advertisement (Internet,Press),
  • Consulting firm,
  • Other sources,
  • Interviews with candidates,
  • Psycometric tests (numerical, verbal, professional personality assessment inventory),
  • Reference check and report,
  • Employment of candidates in relevant companies.