Selçuklu Holding
Sentez Ambalaj

SENTEZ Grup that has the largest production facility of Turkey has the capability of producing cups and cornets besides packaging offset, wood blocks and flexo systems.

Packaging is
our business

Sentez Ambalaj, Natural Ambalaj and Gül Ofset that compose printing and packaging group were gathered under a single roof as Sentez Grup in 2013. Sentez Grup, which produced and thus grew with the constantly changing and improving packaging technology, is proud of its more than 500 experienced employees, technical knowledge and experience. Sentez Group that is one of the largest packaging producers of Europe with its fully equipped treatment and recycling sites, indoor area larger than 55,000sqm, state-of-the-art technology is also among the strongest players of the global market.

Sentez Grup exceeded expectations in short amount time with its work philosophy prioritizing customer satisfaction, advanced use of technology, R&D efforts and new products. Sentez Group carries out export operations in different geographies of the world and especially in Europe, and directs 25 percent of its production to export.

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