Selçuklu Holding
Selin Yapı

Selin Yapı carries out high quality projects adding value to life by preserving the natural fabric.

High quality projects extending
to the future

Selin Yapı was established to carry out the construction operations of the industrial organizations within the body of Selçuklu Holding in 2003. Today, the work area has expanded by carrying out different projects such as high quality residences and shopping centers besides industrial facilities.

The facilities that have different functions such as Ilko Ilaç Production Facility that is the largest pharmaceutical production investment of Anatolia, Ilko R&D Center within the body of Hacettepe University Technocity, Mehtap Mutfak Eşyaları Plant that is 20,000sqm, Sentez Grup Production Facilities built on an area of 60,000sqm, Selçuklu Business Center with 20,000sqm outdoor area in Izmir, Almesan Production Facilities in Kartepe/ Kocaeli, Mustafa Öncel Primary School with 58 classrooms in Ataşehir-Istanbul, Kamer Öncel Vocational Technical Anatolian High School and Mustafa Öncel Sports and Culture Center have Selin Yapı signature.

Rings Istanbul Project, which is a recognized residential project with its high quality, is the first residential project of Selin Yapı. At Rings Shopping Center that is the first shopping center of Sancaktepe was also built by Selin Yapı.

Selin Yapı, which positions its work mentality that it based on the ideal of making people happy, developing the society and protecting the environment with the power coming from its background as an essential part of its corporate culture, continues to generate new projects and create new stories.

Selin Yapı