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MEHTAP enables you to enjoy life with aesthetically pleasing, durable and healthy kitchenware that it produces using advanced technology.

Everything can be easier

Mehtap, one of the leading kitchenware producers of the world, began producing Teflon-coated products for the first time in Turkey by entering into the sector in 1960s. Mehtap, the pioneer of kitchenware sector, lead the production of enamel and steel products besides Teflon-coated ones.

Mehtap focused mainly on Teflon® coated products especially after 1996, and became one of the leading firms of the world with the multi-micron technology developed by the R&D team using the buildings, technological equipment and machines as of 2005. Mehtap prioritized design and R&D, and became one of the partners of DuPont® in developing Teflon products. Mehtap, the first licensed user of DuPont® Teflon in Turkey, continues producing enamel and steel products besides the Teflon-coated products.

Today, Mehtap exports goods to 56 countries all over the world. 20 Mehtap products are sold every minute in the world. Mehtap products meet with consumers at more than 1000 points in Turkey.

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